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Expats, Foreign Officials and Diplomats receive exclusive pricing providing savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars on their new vehicle. This program provides access to the manufacturers’ financing and leasing incentives. The manufacturer themselves will provide the most aggressive residuals and lowest interest rates for their own vehicles typically ranging from 0.9-5.9%. Access to the manufacturers’ incentives without a local credit history is a huge price advantage for any Expat. All vehicles include full manufacturer warranty protection.

Product Specialists provide quotes and detailed specifications on various makes and models. You may custom order your vehicle or choose from a large inventory of vehicles in stock.

Preferred Program  

We offer personal concierge service from order through delivery of your vehicle including financing, registration and licensing. Expatriates are eligible for this cost savings program when they initiate prior to their relocation. Please note, if you have already relocated you are still eligible for other programs.


International AutoSource is the expatriate consumer division of OMSC, Overseas Military Sales Corp, the global distributor of vehicles to our Armed Forces, Diplomats and U.S. government employees for over 50 years. Our expertise in the automotive industry has helped thousands of people relocating with their personal transportation needs. Together, we are the largest global distributor of vehicles in the world. Read more.

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